Five Alive Citrus Juice Box (8-Pack) Review

Five Alive Citrus Juice Box (8-Pack) Review


Five Alive Citrus Juice Box (8-Pack) Review

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Five Alive Citrus Juice Box (8-Pack) is a nostalgic delight for those who remember its 90s glory. Imported from Canada, this 6.7-ounce citrus-flavored juice comes in a pack of 8, offering a taste of childhood memories.


  • Delicious and nostalgic flavor
  • Convenient pack of 8
  • Imported from Canada


  • Pricey for regular consumption
  • Some find the flavor slightly different from the original

Many customers express their joy at rediscovering this childhood favorite. The juice’s flavor, reminiscent of the 90s, evokes a sense of nostalgia and fond memories. However, some note that the flavor may not be an exact match to the original, and the price, due to it being an imported product, may deter regular consumption.

Despite the price, the convenience of having this beloved juice available again is a significant benefit. For those seeking a taste of the past, the Five Alive Citrus Juice Box (8-Pack) offers a delightful experience. Whether enjoyed for its nostalgic value or its unique citrus flavor, this imported Canadian juice is a rare find that brings back cherished memories.

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