All-Star Catalyst Cryohelmet Review

All-Star Catalyst Cryohelmet Review


All-Star Catalyst Cryohelmet Review

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As a dedicated baseball or softball player, protecting yourself from potential head injuries is crucial. The All-Star CRYO2-XSBK X-Small Catalyst Cryohelmet(TM) v2 with Adjustable Hood BK is a top-quality piece of protective gear that offers both safety and comfort.


This cryohelmet is designed with a streamlined and fitted construction, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit. The adjustable hood adds versatility, allowing for a personalized fit that stays in place during intense gameplay. The outer material, made of polycarbonate, provides durability and impact resistance, offering reliable protection.


The All-Star Catalyst Cryohelmet offers peace of mind to players and parents alike. Its high-quality construction and protective features make it an essential piece of equipment for catchers. The adjustable hood ensures a customized fit, and the streamlined design minimizes interference with the player’s movements. Additionally, the cryohelmet’s polycarbonate material provides reliable impact protection, reducing the risk of head injuries during games or practice.


  • Streamlined and fitted design
  • Adjustable hood for a personalized fit
  • Durable polycarbonate outer material
  • Provides reliable impact protection


  • May feel slightly heavy for some users
  • Adjusting the hood may require some effort

Final Verdict

The All-Star CRYO2-XSBK X-Small Catalyst Cryohelmet(TM) v2 with Adjustable Hood BK is a must-have for any serious baseball or softball catcher. Its protective features, comfortable fit, and durable construction make it an invaluable piece of equipment for enhancing safety on the field. While it may feel slightly heavy for some users and require a bit of effort to adjust the hood, the benefits far outweigh these minor drawbacks. Overall, this cryohelmet is a game-changer in terms of player safety and peace of mind.

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