Yours to Claim (Yours To Trilogy) review

Yours to Claim (Yours To Trilogy) review


Yours to Claim (Yours To Trilogy) review

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Yours to Claim (Yours To Trilogy) by Cathy Jackson is a heartwarming continuation of the romantic journey between Ruthie Eden and Maximillian Roselle. The story beautifully captures the complexities of love, faith, and family, making it a compelling read for fans of Christian romance.

The novel delves into the evolving relationship between Ruthie and Max, set against the backdrop of their individual struggles and the challenges they face as a couple. The characters are portrayed with depth and authenticity, making their journey relatable and engaging.


  • Realistic and human characters with relatable emotions and struggles
  • Thoughtful exploration of faith and love
  • Engaging and heartwarming storyline


  • Some readers may find the plot pacing a bit rushed at times
  • Desire for more backstory on certain characters

The novel skillfully weaves together themes of love, faith, and personal growth, offering a refreshing take on Christian romance. Jackson’s writing style is captivating, drawing readers into the emotional journey of the characters.

Readers who enjoyed the first book in the series will find this sequel to be a satisfying continuation, while new readers will be drawn into the heartfelt narrative. With its relatable characters and poignant exploration of love and faith, Yours to Claim is a must-read for fans of contemporary Christian romance.

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