Wrigley’s Freedent Peppermint Gum Review

Wrigley’s Freedent Peppermint Gum Review


Wrigley’s Freedent Peppermint Gum Review

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Wrigley’s Freedent Peppermint Gum is a game-changer for gum enthusiasts, especially those with dental work. This gum offers a refreshing peppermint flavor and comes in individually wrapped sticks, making it convenient for sharing or on-the-go use. The standout feature of this gum is its non-stick quality, making it ideal for individuals with dentures or dental work.


  • Refreshing peppermint flavor
  • Individually wrapped sticks for convenience
  • Does not stick to dental work or dentures
  • Sugar-free
  • Long-lasting flavor


  • Availability may be limited in local stores
  • Some users reported occasional issues with gum sticking to dentures

Many users have praised the gum for its ability to maintain flavor and not stick to dental work. It has been particularly appreciated by individuals with dentures, who have struggled to find a suitable gum. However, a few users have mentioned challenges in finding the product in local stores and occasional issues with the gum sticking to dentures.

Overall, Wrigley’s Freedent Peppermint Gum is a highly recommended product for those seeking a long-lasting, refreshing gum that won’t stick to dental work. Its convenience, flavor, and non-stick feature make it a standout choice for gum enthusiasts.

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