Universal Typewriter Ribbon Review

Universal Typewriter Ribbon Review


Universal Typewriter Ribbon Review

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The Universal Typewriter Ribbon is a must-have for vintage typewriter enthusiasts. This ribbon, manufactured by Mahogany Rhino, is designed to fit most Royal, Olympia, Smith Corona, Remington, Brother, and other vintage typewriters. The 1/2″ inked ribbon comes with 2″ spools and features a black and red reversing grommet.


  • Compatible with a wide range of vintage typewriters
  • Easy to install
  • Produces crisp characters on paper
  • Comes well-packaged
  • Great for filling in stock certificates and membership cards


  • Not as dark as some users expected
  • Product is made in China

Many users have praised the Universal Typewriter Ribbon for its compatibility and ease of installation. One user mentioned that it worked perfectly as a replacement for an old JC Penney electric typewriter. Another user, a financial officer for a fraternal organization, highlighted its usefulness in filling in stock certificates and membership cards. However, some users expressed disappointment in the darkness of the characters typed, stating that the ribbon produced more grey than black characters. Additionally, a few users noted that the product being made in China was a downside for them.

Overall, the Universal Typewriter Ribbon is a valuable accessory for vintage typewriter owners, offering compatibility with various typewriter models and ease of use. While some users found the darkness of the characters to be lacking and were concerned about the product’s origin, the majority of users were satisfied with its performance and packaging.

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