Tru Western Cowboy Men’s Cologne Review

Tru Western Cowboy Men’s Cologne Review


Tru Western Cowboy Men’s Cologne Review

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Tru Western Cowboy Men’s Cologne is a rugged and warm fragrance that captures the essence of the authentic American cowboy. Crafted around notes of Juniper, Fresh Moss, Black Pepper, White Pepper, Sage, and Mahogany Woods, this cologne offers a classic outdoor freshness combined with the rich masculinity of weathered woods and spices.

One of the standout features of this cologne is its authentic presentation, reminiscent of a classic whiskey flask and finished with a real wood cap, making it the perfect gift for someone special or even for yourself. The scent is described as spicy, earthy, and musky, appealing to those who appreciate a masculine, all-day fragrance.


  • Authentic and rugged scent
  • Classic presentation
  • Long-lasting fragrance
  • Great customer service from Tru Western


  • May not appeal to younger individuals
  • Some users found the scent to fade relatively quickly

Several customers have praised the cologne for its authentic and rugged scent, with one user mentioning that their wife loved the spicy, earthy aroma reminiscent of yard work and farm chores. However, some individuals felt that the fragrance might be more suitable for older gentlemen and that it faded after a few hours.

Despite this, Tru Western’s excellent customer service was highlighted, with one customer expressing appreciation for the prompt response and full refund issued by the company. The cologne was also commended for its soft, subtle scent, with the main note being sandalwood, although some wished for a stronger and longer-lasting fragrance.

In conclusion, Tru Western Cowboy Men’s Cologne offers a classic and authentic scent that resonates with the rugged spirit of the American cowboy. While it may not be for everyone, its unique presentation and long-lasting fragrance make it a compelling choice for those seeking a masculine, all-day scent.

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