Track Kinetic Cobalt Bowling Ball Review

Track Kinetic Cobalt Bowling Ball Review


Track Kinetic Cobalt Bowling Ball Review

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The Track Kinetic Cobalt Bowling Ball is a game-changer for bowlers looking for a new level of performance. This ball brings a fresh approach to the Kinetic line, offering a unique blend of features that enhance its overall motion and hitting power.

One of the standout features of the Kinetic Cobalt is its HK22 base with the QR-7 additive package. This combination delivers a new motion that sets it apart from its predecessors. The 4000 grit finish adds mid-lane traction and continuation, making it a reliable choice for bowlers seeking a ball with angular tendencies.

The cover material, HK22 base, not only provides stunning colors but also offers a super responsive backend reaction. This new reaction shape is a game-changer for pearl, hybrid, and shiny solid bowling balls, giving bowlers an edge on the lanes.

Furthermore, the Kinetic Cobalt incorporates DynamiCore outer core technology, which mimics the hitting power and durability of a thick shell. This technology translates to improved pin carry, thanks to its less compressible outer material.


  • New motion with HK22 base and QR-7 additive package
  • 4000 grit finish for mid-lane traction and continuation
  • Stunning colors and super responsive backend reaction
  • DynamiCore outer core technology for enhanced pin carry
  • 2-year limited manufacturer’s warranty for added confidence


  • May require some adjustment period for bowlers accustomed to different ball motions

In conclusion, the Track Kinetic Cobalt Bowling Ball is a standout choice for bowlers seeking a ball with a unique motion and exceptional hitting power. Its innovative features, such as the HK22 base, QR-7 additive package, and DynamiCore outer core technology, make it a top contender on the lanes. While it may require a brief adjustment period for some bowlers, its overall performance and reliability make it a worthwhile investment.

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