Torbot Skin-Tac Liquid Adhesive Barrier Review

Torbot Skin-Tac Liquid Adhesive Barrier Review


Torbot Skin-Tac Liquid Adhesive Barrier Review

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The Torbot Skin-Tac Liquid Adhesive Barrier is a clear, non-latex, hypo-allergenic adhesive barrier that acts as an effective barrier between the tape and skin. It is available in an economical liquid form and is manufactured by Torbot. With 4.5 out of 5 stars from 4,547 reviews, this product has gained popularity for its effectiveness in various applications.

Features and Benefits:

The Skin-Tac Liquid Adhesive Barrier is highly praised for its ability to keep medical devices, such as ostomy bags, insulin pumps, and CGMs, securely in place. Users have reported that it effectively prevents the edges of tapes from peeling up, providing long-lasting adhesion. The liquid form allows for precise application, and it can withstand showers and high humidity, making it suitable for active lifestyles.

Many customers have found this product to be a cost-effective alternative to other adhesives, especially for medical devices not covered by insurance. It is also commended for its strong hold, even in challenging conditions, and for being easy to remove when needed. Additionally, the product’s hypo-allergenic nature makes it suitable for individuals with sensitive skin.


  • Effective in keeping medical devices securely in place
  • Cost-effective alternative to other adhesives
  • Strong hold, even in challenging conditions
  • Easy to remove
  • Hypo-allergenic


Some users have mentioned that the liquid can be more runny than expected, leading to accidental spillage or unintended adhesion in certain areas. Additionally, a few individuals have experienced skin irritation or sensitivity when using the product, particularly in cases where shaving is required.

Final Verdict:

The Torbot Skin-Tac Liquid Adhesive Barrier has proven to be a reliable solution for securing various medical devices, offering a strong and long-lasting hold. While some users have encountered minor issues with its consistency and skin sensitivity, the product’s overall performance and cost-effectiveness make it a worthwhile choice for individuals in need of a dependable adhesive. With its versatility and positive customer feedback, this adhesive barrier is a valuable addition to any medical care routine.

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