Tickle Monster Laughter Kit Review

Tickle Monster Laughter Kit Review


Tickle Monster Laughter Kit Review

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The Tickle Monster Laughter Kit is an enchanting and delightful book that brings joy and laughter to children. Josie Bissett’s creation has become a cherished classic, captivating kids with its lovable monster and interactive storytelling. The kit includes the Tickle Monster book and fluffy mitts, making it a perfect combination for reading aloud and tickling.


  • Engaging and interactive storytelling
  • Encourages laughter and bonding between parents and children
  • High-quality, plush mitts add a tactile element to the reading experience
  • Adored by children of various ages, from toddlers to early school-age
  • Great as a gift for birthdays or special occasions


  • May not be suitable for children who are sensitive to tickling
  • Some parents may find the mitts a bit bulky for extended use

Having received this kit as a gift, I can attest to its magical effect on children. From ages 1 to almost 6, my kids adored the book, finding it irresistibly cute and giggle-inducing. It not only brought joy but also helped diffuse potential tantrums, making it a valuable tool for parents. The sweet rhyming prose and non-scary illustrations make it a charming read for kids.

As my go-to gift for first birthdays, the Tickle Monster Laughter Kit has always been a huge hit. While the ideal age range may be 2-4, it’s a timeless treasure that kids can enjoy at various stages of early childhood. The gloves are a standout feature, adding a tactile and immersive dimension to the storytelling experience.

Overall, this kit is a fantastic way to share the gift of laughter with children. It’s a heartwarming and engaging book that fosters a love for reading and bonding between parents and kids. Highly recommended for anyone looking to bring joy and laughter into a child’s world.

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