THE WAY: The Living Bible (Illustrated) review

THE WAY: The Living Bible (Illustrated) review


THE WAY: The Living Bible (Illustrated) review

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The Way: The Living Bible (Illustrated) is a special edition designed to appeal to teenagers, featuring the complete text of the Catholic Living Bible. With lively illustrations and the engaging Living Bible paraphrase, it offers a fresh and accessible approach to the scriptures. Here’s a detailed review of this product:


  • Engaging for Teenagers: The illustrated format and lively paraphrase make the Bible more accessible and engaging for young readers.
  • Durable Quality: Customers have praised the durable binding, paper, and cover, emphasizing that the book is designed to last.
  • Easy to Understand: Many users appreciate the everyday language used in the paraphrase, making the scripture more understandable without losing its meaning.
  • Quick Delivery: Several customers have noted the prompt delivery and excellent condition of the product upon arrival.
  • Useful for New Readers: It’s considered a perfect beginner’s Bible and is recommended for those finding other versions difficult to understand.


  • Old-Fashioned: Some users find the black & white photos and chatty introductions to each book rather old-fashioned.
  • Not the Most Literal Translation: While enjoyable to read, it may not be the most accurate literal translation available, according to some users.

In conclusion, The Way: The Living Bible (Illustrated) is a brilliant Bible edition, especially suitable for young readers and those new to the scriptures. Its engaging format, durable quality, and easy-to-understand language make it a valuable addition to anyone’s collection. While it may have some old-fashioned elements and may not be the most literal translation, its overall appeal and accessibility make it a highly recommended choice.

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