Stick Season[2 LP] review

Stick Season[2 LP] review


Stick Season[2 LP] review

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Stick Season[2 LP] is a delightful musical journey that captivates the soul with its pure and pleasant listening experience. Noah Kahan’s talent shines through in this amazing CD, which has left many listeners impressed and eager for more.


  • Beautifully captures the essence of life
  • Great condition and secure packaging
  • Impressive acoustics and instrument clarity
  • Diverse and brilliant songs
  • Brings a refreshing change from repetitive radio music


Some may prefer digital streaming over CDs

Stick Season[2 LP] is a bright spot in the music world, with Noah Kahan’s spirit of giving and celebrating shining through each song. The album’s acoustic brilliance and diverse songs make it a must-have for music enthusiasts. Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to Noah’s music, this CD is a gem that promises an enjoyable listening experience.

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