SnapPower MotionLight Review

SnapPower MotionLight Review


SnapPower MotionLight Review

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The SnapPower MotionLight is a cleverly designed solution for adding motion-detecting LED night lights to your standard outlets. With its clean modern design and motion sensor, it offers convenience and safety in various spaces.

Features and Benefits:

The SnapPower MotionLight comes in a 2-pack, making it suitable for multiple areas in your home. The motion sensor activates the LED night light, providing just enough illumination to guide you in the dark without being overpowering. This feature is particularly useful for nighttime bathroom runs or navigating hallways without the need to turn on bright overhead lights.

Installation is a breeze, and the ability to set the duration of time the light stays lit adds to its convenience. The product is designed to fit duplex outlets and offers bright, dim, and off options, giving users control over the lighting intensity. The SnapPower MotionLight is also a safety feature, especially for households with young children, as it eliminates the need for plug-in night lights that can be easily accessed.


  • Modern and clean design
  • Easy installation
  • Motion sensor for automatic activation
  • Adjustable duration of light
  • Provides just enough light without being overpowering
  • Enhances safety, especially for households with young children


  • Some users found it pricey for what it offers
  • Not as bright as some users would prefer
  • Occasional issues with motion sensor delay and light staying on

Final Verdict:

The SnapPower MotionLight is a practical and innovative addition to any home, offering a balance of convenience, safety, and modern design. While it may have some minor drawbacks, its ease of installation and motion-detecting capabilities make it a valuable investment for those seeking a hassle-free night light solution.

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