SAYOK LED Inflatable Air Cube Tent Review

SAYOK LED Inflatable Air Cube Tent Review


SAYOK LED Inflatable Air Cube Tent Review

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The SAYOK LED Inflatable Air Cube Tent is an impressive addition to any event or party. This inflatable tent is a showstopper, offering a unique and inspirational setting for various occasions. The tent’s features, benefits, and minor drawbacks are worth exploring to understand its suitability for different needs.


  • Material: Durable Oxford cloth
  • External Size: 18ft x 16ft x 14ft (Length x Width x Height)
  • Capacities: About 15 people
  • Accessories: Air blower, Led Magic Ball Light, stakes, 4pcs Sandbags, Ropes, Repair cloth, Carry bag
  • Custom Logo: 1pc LOGO for free, black background
  • Unique, inspirational, easy set up, convenience to carry around for rental
  • 2pcs detachable door curtain
  • Built fog machine holes and magic ball light holes on the back wall
  • Deflation zip & protection cover
  • Bottom rope buckles for securing the tent on the ground
  • Application: Suitable for various events and parties, including weddings, birthdays, graduations, and more
  • Packing: 3 packages, 18.5×24.4×18.5in, 70lbs (Tent); 18.5×18.5×12.6in, 19lbs (Blower); 9×8.3×8.3in, 2.55lbs (Disco light)


The SAYOK LED Inflatable Air Cube Tent offers a spacious and visually stunning setting for events. Customers have reported that it easily accommodates 35+ adults/kids, making it suitable for large gatherings. The tent’s easy setup and takedown, along with the included heavy-duty blower and disco detachment light, enhance its convenience and appeal. Additionally, the option for custom logos adds a personalized touch, making it ideal for rental businesses. The tent’s versatility and weather-resistant features make it suitable for various themes and occasions.


While the product has received positive feedback, some customers have noted that the shipping time can be longer, taking about 2-3 weeks for delivery. However, the quality of the product has been deemed worth the wait.

Customer Review:

One customer shared their experience, highlighting the tent’s impressive size, ease of use, and suitability for rental purposes. They emphasized its quality and performance, countering the lower star rating with a glowing 5-star review.

Overall, the SAYOK LED Inflatable Air Cube Tent stands out as a top-tier option for creating memorable event spaces. Its features, benefits, and minor drawbacks make it a compelling choice for those seeking a visually striking and versatile inflatable tent.

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