Real Brown Coconut Bra – One Size Fits Most Review

Real Brown Coconut Bra – One Size Fits Most Review


Real Brown Coconut Bra – One Size Fits Most Review

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Real Brown Coconut Bra – One Size Fits Most Review

When it comes to adding an authentic tropical flair to your Hawaiian, Luau, or beach-themed party, the Real Brown Coconut Bra is a fun and environmentally friendly novelty accessory that ensures you’ll stand out from the crowd. Made from genuine natural coconuts, this one-pack coconut bra is designed to accommodate a wide range of sizes, making it ideal for both men and women who want to make a fun, unforgettable statement at any event.


  • Constructed from high-quality materials for long-lasting wear and comfort
  • Adjustable straps for outstanding comfort and adaptability
  • Pair with Hawaiian shirts, grass skirts, or other tropical-themed accessories for a complete and vibrant look
  • Ideal for luaus, beach parties, costume events, and more


  • Authentic tropical style
  • High-quality construction
  • Adjustable straps for comfort
  • Environmentally friendly design


  • May cause discomfort for extended wear
  • Size may not fit all body types
  • Some customers received cracked coconuts

Customer feedback has highlighted the versatility of the adjustable straps, allowing the cups to be moved closer or further apart, catering to various body sizes. However, some users have reported discomfort due to the roughness of the coconut shell against the skin, particularly for extended periods. Additionally, the ‘one size fits most’ claim may not hold true for all body types, with some customers finding the bra too narrow or small for their size.

Despite these drawbacks, the Real Brown Coconut Bra remains a popular choice for adding a touch of tropical fun to themed events. It’s worth considering for its unique and eye-catching design, especially for those seeking an authentic and environmentally conscious costume accessory.

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