Real Bone Coyote Skull Review

Real Bone Coyote Skull Review


Real Bone Coyote Skull Review

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The Real Bone Coyote Skull is a unique and intriguing piece that has garnered mixed reviews from customers. Let’s delve into the features, benefits, and drawbacks to provide valuable insights for potential buyers.

Features and Benefits

The coyote skull is meticulously treated with enzymes to achieve a clean white finish without compromising the bone’s integrity. This natural treatment process ensures that no artificial sealants are used, preserving the authentic color and texture of the bone.

One of the standout features of this product is its size, measuring just over 8 inches long. The skull is beautifully cleaned, with all teeth intact, making it an eye-catching decorative item for enthusiasts of natural history or Gothic decor.


  • Unique and original gift
  • Beautifully cleaned and intact teeth
  • Natural treatment process
  • Fast shipping


  • Some instances of messy hot glue application
  • Minor breakage in auditory bulla reported
  • Occasional missing small teeth
  • Bottom jaw glued to the upper skull

Customer Feedback

Several customers have expressed satisfaction with the product, highlighting its cleanliness, intact teeth, and fast shipping. It has been praised as a unique and well-put-together gift, appealing to those with an interest in natural history.

However, some customers have reported issues such as messy hot glue application, minor breakage in the auditory bulla, and occasional missing small teeth. The bottom jaw being glued to the upper skull was also noted as a drawback by some.

Final Verdict

The Real Bone Coyote Skull offers a fascinating and visually striking addition to collections or decor. While it may have minor imperfections, the overall quality and unique appeal make it a compelling choice for enthusiasts. Potential buyers should consider the reported drawbacks alongside the product’s standout features before making a purchase decision.

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