QOD Max Prime Shampoo Review

QOD Max Prime Shampoo Review


QOD Max Prime Shampoo Review

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QOD Max Prime Shampoo is designed to prolong the smooth effect of hair treated with Max Prime S-Fiber Hair Reconstructor, a hair straightening treatment. The shampoo contains conditioning silicones and Tamarind extract, which ensure the health of the hair strands, providing a smooth, healthy, aligned, and shiny effect when used in conjunction with the full line of Qod Professional Max Prime S-Fiber.


  • Prolongs the smooth effect of hair treated with hair straightening treatment
  • Contains conditioning silicones for soft and easy-to-detangle hair
  • Tamarind extract generates a protective and antioxidant layer for the hair
  • Leaves hair straight, protected, and shiny


  • Some customers received the product with a broken seal, leading to concerns about authenticity and potential leakage
  • One customer reported receiving a package with a broken seal and shampoo leakage

Despite the reported issues with packaging, the QOD Max Prime Shampoo has received positive feedback for its effectiveness in maintaining straight and healthy hair. The conditioning silicones and Tamarind extract provide protection and shine, delivering the promised results. However, potential buyers should be cautious about the product’s packaging and consider purchasing from a reliable source to ensure the authenticity and quality of the shampoo.

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