Power 30: Transforming Mind in 30 Minutes Review

Power 30: Transforming Mind in 30 Minutes Review


Power 30: Transforming Mind in 30 Minutes Review

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The Power of 30—or Power 30, for short—is a system of practicing wholeness, wellness, and fitness every day by spending 30 minutes to recharge, reframe, and renew your mind, body, and soul. This book illustrates the system for you so that you can jump start the process of reclaiming the power in your life in a simple yet holistic way. On the surface, this book gives you a concise yet powerful system of developing and strengthening your body, mind, and soul. But at its core, the Power 30 system was developed to help you build the courage to pursue your purpose by utilizing a holistic approach and system that incorporates every single element of you—your body, your mind, and your soul.


  • Combines fitness and devotions
  • Provides a concise yet powerful system
  • Encourages a holistic approach to wellness


  • May require commitment to the daily 30-minute practice

One customer shared, ‘This book is the perfect addition to my wellness journey! I love the combination of fitness and devotions!’ The Power 30 system seems to resonate with individuals seeking a holistic approach to wellness, offering a blend of fitness and spiritual nourishment. While the commitment to a daily 30-minute practice may be a drawback for some, the benefits of this holistic system appear to outweigh this minor inconvenience.

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