Outre Purple Pack 100% Human Hair Weave Review

Outre Purple Pack 100% Human Hair Weave Review


Outre Purple Pack 100% Human Hair Weave Review

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The Outre Purple Pack 100% Human Hair Weave is a top-grade product that meets Outre’s strict quality standards. Made with the finest human hair, it allows you to curl or flat iron your hair in any way you desire. This weaving extension hair is not a wig but an extension that offers versatility and natural-looking results.


  • High-quality human hair
  • Allows for styling with heat tools
  • Natural-looking results


  • Some customers received only one pack instead of two as stated
  • Color may not match the advertised shade
  • Shedding, especially with intense heat

Based on customer feedback, many users loved the hair and found it to be natural-looking. However, some customers were disappointed to receive only one pack of hair instead of the advertised two. Additionally, there were complaints about the color not matching the description, with some stating that the #2 shade looked more like a #4. Shedding was also mentioned, particularly with intense heat, and some found that the hair didn’t hold up well under intense heat and couldn’t be reused.

Overall, the Outre Purple Pack 100% Human Hair Weave offers high-quality human hair that allows for versatile styling. However, potential buyers should be aware of the possibility of discrepancies in the number of packs received and the color matching. Additionally, those who frequently use heat tools should consider the potential for shedding and the limitations of intense heat styling.

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