Nightbane: Lightlark Saga Book 2 Review

Nightbane: Lightlark Saga Book 2 Review


Nightbane: Lightlark Saga Book 2 Review

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The Nightbane, the second book in the Lightlark Saga, is a captivating and action-packed continuation of Isla Crown’s journey. The seductive and action-packed follow-up to Alex Aster’s instant #1 New York Times, #1 Wall Street Journal, and internationally bestselling novel, Lightlark. Isla Crown has secured the love of two powerful rulers and broken the curses that plagued the six realms for centuries, but few know the true origins of her powers. Now, in the wake of a crushing betrayal, Isla finds herself hungry for distraction, preferring to frequent Lightlark’s seductive haunts instead of embracing her duties as the newly crowned leader of two separate realms. Worse, her fellow rulers haven’t ceded victory quietly, and there are others in Isla’s midst who don’t believe her ascent to power was earned. As certain death races toward Lightlark and secrets from the past begin to unravel, Isla must weigh her responsibility to her people against the whims of the most dangerous traitor of all: her heart. Alex Aster’s intricate world expands after the riveting culmination of the Centennial games, delving more deeply into Isla’s memories of her past, as her future hurtles toward two possible fates.

The book has received a mix of reviews, with many readers expressing their enthusiasm for the conclusion of the series. The strong lead characters, world-building, and imaginative storytelling by Alex Aster have been widely praised. However, some readers found the first half of the book to be slow, impacting their overall experience. The writing style, while easy to read, was noted to be more suited for a younger audience.


  • Engaging and action-packed storyline
  • Strong lead characters and world-building
  • Imaginative and captivating storytelling


  • Slow start in the first half of the book
  • Writing style may be more suited for a younger audience

Despite the mixed reviews, the Nightbane offers a compelling narrative with a blend of fantasy, romance, and intrigue. The book’s beautifully written magic and powerful storytelling have left readers eagerly anticipating the next installment in the series. If you enjoy fantasy with romance, action-packed scenes, and incredible magic systems, Nightbane is a book worth exploring.

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