Mexart Frijoles Peruanos 4lb Review

Mexart Frijoles Peruanos 4lb Review


Mexart Frijoles Peruanos 4lb Review

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When it comes to authentic Peruvian beans, the Mexart Frijoles Peruanos 4lb pack offers a delightful experience for cooking enthusiasts and food lovers. These pale yellow beans are not only a staple in Peruvian cuisine but also a versatile ingredient for various dishes.


  • Delicious flavor
  • Fresh and high quality
  • Great for vegan diets
  • Fast shipping


  • Some customers received damaged packaging
  • Price may be a bit high for some buyers

The Mexart Frijoles Peruanos are known for their delicious taste and freshness. Customers have praised the quality and flavor of these beans, making them a preferred choice for creating authentic Peruvian dishes. Additionally, the beans are suitable for vegan diets, adding to their versatility.

However, a few customers have reported issues with the packaging, with some bags arriving damaged or open during shipping. This has led to concerns about the overall quality control and handling during transit. Additionally, a few buyers have mentioned that the price point may be on the higher side compared to other options available in the market.

Despite these drawbacks, the Mexart Frijoles Peruanos 4lb pack remains a popular choice for those seeking genuine Peruvian beans. With their rich flavor and culinary flexibility, these beans are a valuable addition to any kitchen. Whether you’re preparing traditional Peruvian recipes or experimenting with new dishes, these beans offer a delightful culinary experience.

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