Marriage At First Sight Review

Marriage At First Sight Review


Marriage At First Sight Review

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Marriage At First Sight by Sophia Howard is a captivating romantic novel that delves into the intriguing world of reality TV and the complexities of relationships. The story follows Haley, a contestant on a reality TV show where the prize is $100,000, and the catch is being married to a complete stranger for a year. The stranger happens to be sales executive Ethan Richards, and as they navigate their unconventional marriage, they must also contend with a production crew determined to stir up drama for ratings.

One of the standout features of this novel is its unique and engaging storyline. The premise of a forced marriage for a reality show sets the stage for a compelling exploration of love, trust, and authenticity. The characters, Haley and Ethan, are well-developed and likable, and their journey is filled with unexpected twists and turns.


  • Engaging and original storyline
  • Well-developed and likable characters
  • Exploration of complex themes such as love and trust
  • Unexpected plot twists


  • Some readers found the story to be slightly long
  • Minor grammar and spelling errors
  • The ending may be considered far-fetched by some

Despite its minor drawbacks, Marriage At First Sight offers a refreshing take on the romance genre, providing a break from conventional plotlines. The book successfully weaves together romance, drama, and a behind-the-scenes look at reality TV, making it a compelling read for fans of modern romance. The author’s writing style flows nicely, and the added plots and twists keep the reader engaged throughout.

Overall, Marriage At First Sight is a well-crafted novel that delivers an entertaining and thought-provoking narrative. It’s a recommended read for those seeking a unique and engaging romance story.

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