Magswitch MagJig 95 Magnetic Woodworking and Welding Base Clamp Holder Review

Magswitch MagJig 95 Magnetic Woodworking and Welding Base Clamp Holder Review


Magswitch MagJig 95 Magnetic Woodworking and Welding Base Clamp Holder Review

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The Magswitch MagJig 95 is a versatile and reliable magnetic base clamp holder that has garnered high praise from woodworking and welding enthusiasts. This review will delve into the features, benefits, and drawbacks of this innovative tool, providing valuable insights for potential buyers.

Features and Benefits

The MagJig 95 boasts a strong 95 lb holding force, making it ideal for securing fixtures during woodworking and fabrication tasks. Its magnetic grip provides stability to flat and round surfaces, facilitating straight edge cuts and enhancing safety. The on/off switch feature allows for quick and precise positioning, adding to the tool’s efficiency and ease of use.

One of the standout features of the MagJig 95 is its 3/4 inch standoff for flush mounting, along with screw holes that offer added security when used in a fixture. This tool is a valuable addition to a woodworker’s or welder’s arsenal, serving various purposes such as frame fences, assembly jigs, cutting and gluing fixtures, and work supports.

Users have praised the MagJig 95 for its easy cleaning, as the powerful magnet stays clean and free from steel shavings and debris. This is a significant advantage over traditional magnetic squares, which can be cumbersome to clean.


  • Strong 95 lb holding force
  • On/off switch for precise positioning
  • 3/4 inch standoff for flush mounting
  • Easy to clean
  • Versatile applications for woodworking and welding


While the MagJig 95 has received widespread acclaim, some users have noted that the magnets may migrate when subjected to lateral forces, impacting their effectiveness in certain applications. Additionally, a few customers have mentioned the relatively high cost of the product.

Customer Feedback

Customers have expressed high satisfaction with the MagJig 95, highlighting its exceptional magnetic strength and ease of use. Woodworkers and metalworkers have utilized this tool for various applications, including creating fences for bandsaws and drill presses, making featherboards for table saws, and holding plane blades during flattening. The ability to turn the magnets on and off has been particularly lauded, as it enhances the tool’s versatility and convenience.

Some users have shared innovative techniques, such as drilling slotted openings to avoid the need for screwing the magnets in place, showcasing the adaptability of the MagJig 95 for different workshop setups.

Final Verdict

The Magswitch MagJig 95 stands out as a reliable and efficient magnetic base clamp holder, offering strong holding force and versatile applications for woodworking and welding projects. While it may have minor limitations in certain scenarios, its overall performance and ease of use make it a valuable addition to any workshop. For those seeking a dependable and versatile magnetic jig, the MagJig 95 is a worthy investment that can enhance the precision and safety of various tasks.

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