MagBay Lures Lead Ingots Review

MagBay Lures Lead Ingots Review


MagBay Lures Lead Ingots Review

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MagBay Lures Lead Ingots are a reliable choice for anglers and hobbyists who require high-quality lead for various casting purposes. The ingots are made in the USA and are sold by total weight, ensuring that you get the specified amount of lead without any discrepancies. The product is extremely clean and pure, making it suitable for a wide range of lead casting applications.


  • Extremely clean and pure lead
  • Made in the USA
  • Sold by total weight
  • Great for all types of lead castings
  • Well-packaged for shipping


  • Some ingots may not be perfectly shaped
  • Not suitable for decorative purposes due to irregular shapes
  • Some users reported that the lead is hard cast, not pure as stated

One of the standout features of these lead ingots is their purity, which has been praised by many customers. The ability to scratch the lead with a fingernail is a testament to its high quality. Additionally, the ingots are well-packaged, ensuring that they arrive in excellent condition, even for larger orders.

While the lead is generally well-received for casting purposes, some users have noted that the ingots may not be aesthetically pleasing due to their irregular shapes. However, it’s important to note that the product is sold by weight and not by ingot count, as clearly stated in the description.

Overall, MagBay Lures Lead Ingots offer excellent value for those in need of clean and pure lead for casting. Whether it’s for fishing weights, bullets, or other lead casting applications, these ingots deliver consistent quality and performance. For those who prioritize functionality over aesthetics, this product is a solid choice.

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