LOCTITE 518 Gasket Maker & Flange Sealant Review

LOCTITE 518 Gasket Maker & Flange Sealant Review


LOCTITE 518 Gasket Maker & Flange Sealant Review

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The LOCTITE 518 Gasket Maker & Flange Sealant is a reliable and versatile product that has gained the trust of professionals in the automotive industry. This anaerobic, medium-strength, non-corrosive sealant is designed to provide a flexible, solvent-resistant seal that enhances load-bearing and shock-absorbing characteristics of the bond area. It is primarily used on aluminum, iron, and steel flanged mating surfaces, making it a go-to solution for various automotive applications such as water pumps, thermostat housings, transmission pans, and O-ring replacements.

One of the standout features of this sealant is its reliable adhesion, ensuring that the seal will not tear or decay, even under demanding conditions. Additionally, it offers the convenience of being removable with hand tools, allowing for easy disassembly of parts, even after extended service. The product’s convenient curing time of 30 minutes to 4 hours with primer, or 4 – 24 hours without primer, provides flexibility in application, catering to different project timelines.


  • Reliable adhesion for long-lasting seals
  • Flexible and solvent-resistant
  • Enhances load-bearing and shock-absorbing characteristics
  • Removable with hand tools
  • Convenient curing time


  • Small tube size may not be sufficient for larger projects
  • Package description may differ from the actual product received

Customer feedback has been largely positive, with users praising the product’s effectiveness in various applications. Some users have highlighted its versatility, using it for purposes beyond flange sealing with successful results. However, there have been concerns regarding the small tube size, with some customers finding it insufficient for larger projects. Additionally, discrepancies between the package description and the actual product received have been noted by a few buyers.

In conclusion, the LOCTITE 518 Gasket Maker & Flange Sealant stands out as a reliable and versatile solution for automotive sealing needs. Its strong adhesion, flexibility, and ease of removal make it a valuable addition to any toolkit, despite minor drawbacks related to packaging and tube size.

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