Jacob’s Original Twiglets Review

Jacob’s Original Twiglets Review


Jacob’s Original Twiglets Review

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When it comes to unique snacks, Jacob’s Original Twiglets stand out with their distinctive flavor and crunchy texture. These wheat sticks, covered in Marmite and baked, offer a one-of-a-kind taste experience that has garnered a loyal following.


  • Distinctive and unique flavor
  • Crunchy texture
  • Convenient 5.25-ounce bags
  • Affordable option compared to specialty importers


  • Some bags arrived open or split, potentially due to packaging or shipping issues
  • The taste, resembling Marmite, may not appeal to everyone

Many customers express their fondness for Twiglets, reminiscing about their childhood memories and the challenge of finding them outside the UK. The snack’s distinctive taste, resembling Marmite, is both a pro and a con. While some appreciate the unique flavor, others find it off-putting and an acquired taste.

One customer highlights the convenience of purchasing Twiglets on Amazon, noting that the 5.25-ounce bags are a more affordable option compared to specialty importers. However, there are concerns about the packaging, as several customers received open or split bags, leading to a sticky mess and potential product quality issues.

Despite the packaging concerns, Twiglets continue to receive praise for their crunchy texture and nostalgic appeal. For those with a penchant for Marmite-flavored snacks, Twiglets offer a delightful and affordable indulgence, especially for those who struggle to find them in local stores.

Overall, Jacob’s Original Twiglets cater to a specific palate, offering a unique snacking experience that evokes nostalgia and provides a convenient option for those seeking a taste of the UK.

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