Island Planter – 12 in. review

Island Planter – 12 in. review


Island Planter – 12 in. review

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The Island Planter – 12 in. is a self-watering floating planter designed to display water plants elegantly in your water garden. The foam collar is 12″ in diameter, while the plastic liner is 8.5″ in diameter by 5″ deep. The self-watering feature reduces maintenance and protects plants from hungry koi. However, it requires a special lightweight “Island Mix” for optimal performance.

Customers have praised the planter for its durability and ability to hold water plants without the need for repotting. Some users have reported that the planter does not float as expected, leading to disappointment and the need for a better anchoring system. Others have found it to be a significant improvement over homemade attempts, providing the correct water level for plants.


  • Self-watering design reduces maintenance
  • Protects plants from grazing koi
  • Elegant floating display
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • May not float as expected
  • Requires a special lightweight “Island Mix”
  • Lacks a built-in anchoring system

Overall, the Island Planter – 12 in. is a visually appealing and functional addition to water gardens, providing an elegant way to showcase water plants. However, potential buyers should be aware of the need for a specific soil mix and consider additional anchoring options to ensure the planter floats as intended.

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