Indian Shoes Review

Indian Shoes Review


Indian Shoes Review

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Indian Shoes by Cynthia Leitich Smith is a heartwarming chapter book that beautifully portrays the love and adventures shared by a Cherokee-Seminole boy and his Grampa. The book, with its brand-new illustrations, is a perfect choice for young readers.

The stories are woven together with subtlety and charm, creating a delightful reading experience. The characters, especially Grampa Halfmoon and Ray, are endearing, and readers will find themselves immersed in their world. The book’s rich language and engaging storytelling make it an excellent addition to any young reader’s collection.


  • Beautifully woven stories with charming characters
  • Rich language and engaging storytelling
  • Perfect depiction of modern Native American life
  • Short chapters make it an easy and enjoyable read for young children


  • May be too easy for older readers
  • Less informative for older kids/students

Indian Shoes is a great children’s book that offers a refreshing portrayal of modern Native American life. The short, interconnected stories provide a glimpse into everyday situations, making it relatable for young readers. The book’s focus on the relationship between a boy and his grandfather adds a heartwarming touch, making it a delightful read for children.

While the book may be less challenging for older readers and lacks in-depth cultural information, it serves as an excellent introduction to Native American literature for young children. It’s a valuable addition to any early education group and a great way to break stereotypes about Native Americans.

In conclusion, Indian Shoes is a heartwarming and engaging book that offers a delightful reading experience for young children. It’s a perfect choice for parents and educators looking to introduce young readers to the world of Native American literature.

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