Hotel by Arthur Hailey Review

Hotel by Arthur Hailey Review


Hotel by Arthur Hailey Review

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Hotel by Arthur Hailey is a captivating novel that delves into the inner workings of a New Orleans hotel, revealing the human drama unfolding behind its closed doors. The book, despite being written over 50 years ago, has stood the test of time, offering a timeless and enthralling story.

The novel follows the lives of the guests, management, and workers at New Orleans’ largest and most elite hotel over five sultry days. The owner is faced with a financial crisis, the general manager grapples with multiple crises, and various characters are entangled in intrigue, crime, deception, love, and lust.

One of the book’s strengths lies in its authentic portrayal of the inner machinery and secrets of a five-star hotel, providing readers with a gripping and immersive experience. The characters are memorable, and the attention to detail about the hotel industry is commendable.


  • Timeless and captivating storyline
  • Authentic portrayal of the hotel industry
  • Memorable characters
  • Engaging and immersive


  • Dated references and language
  • Some may find certain aspects of the story simplistic

Despite being written in the 1960s, the book’s themes and issues remain relevant today, making it a compelling read. The lead character’s journey, interlocking stories, and a satisfying conclusion contribute to the book’s enduring appeal.

While the book may have some dated aspects, such as language and references, it offers an absolutely memorable story that transcends its time of creation. The plot, characters, and the overall experience make it a worthwhile read, providing a glimpse into an era when travel was glamorous and independent hotels set the standard for luxury.

Overall, Hotel by Arthur Hailey is an excellent read, with a well-developed plot, compelling characters, and a timeless quality that makes it a classic in the literary world.

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