Hooky (Hooky, 1) review

Hooky (Hooky, 1) review


Hooky (Hooky, 1) review

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Hooky (Hooky, 1) Review

Hooky (Hooky, 1) is a delightful graphic novel that takes readers on a magical adventure filled with humor, friendship, and a touch of darkness. The story revolves around twin siblings Dani and Dorian, who, after missing the bus to magic school, find themselves on a quest to clear their names and heal their torn kingdom. The book is a print format adaptation of the beloved webcomic from WEBTOON, featuring exclusive new content that will captivate both new and existing fans.

Features and Benefits:

  • The story is filled with twists and turns, offering a rich and magical world that will appeal to fantasy lovers of all ages.
  • The characters, including Dani, Dorian, Princess Monica, and others, are vivid and charming, each bringing a unique personality to the narrative.
  • The stunning artwork by the author brings the story to life, transitioning from cutesy to darker themes seamlessly.
  • Hooky explores themes of family, friendship, and the fear of the unknown, providing depth and substance to the plot.
  • The book is suitable for readers aged 9 and above, making it an excellent choice for young fantasy enthusiasts.


  • Engaging and humorous storyline with well-developed characters.
  • Beautiful and captivating artwork that enhances the reading experience.
  • Rich themes that add depth and substance to the plot.
  • Suitable for a wide range of readers, including young fantasy fans.


  • Some readers reported receiving damaged copies, indicating potential issues with packaging and handling.

Overall, Hooky (Hooky, 1) is a must-read for anyone seeking an enchanting and immersive graphic novel experience. With its engaging storyline, stunning artwork, and rich themes, this book is a delightful addition to any fantasy lover’s collection.

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