Fruix Popping Fruit Jellies Review

Fruix Popping Fruit Jellies Review


Fruix Popping Fruit Jellies Review

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Are you curious about the viral TikTok trend of Fruix Popping Fruit Jellies? Read on to discover the real deal about these assorted fruit-flavored jellies that have taken social media by storm.


  • Assorted fruit flavors like apple, grape, strawberry, pineapple, and mango
  • Each pack contains 8 servings, providing a fun experience for the whole family
  • Exciting TikTok challenge for kids and adults alike


  • The outer layer can be tough to bite through, so caution is advised
  • Some customers received incorrect quantities in their orders
  • Price may be considered high for the contents

Based on customer feedback, the Fruix Popping Fruit Jellies have received mixed reviews. While some customers found them enjoyable and exciting, others encountered issues with the product.

One customer cautioned against biting into the jellies due to the tough outer layer, recommending consuming them as directed. However, they appreciated the taste and texture of the jellies, except for the grape flavor.

Another customer highlighted the fun experience of the TikTok challenge and the good taste of the jellies, which their kids loved. However, they expressed concerns about the safety of the popping sensation and found the price to be a little high for the quantity.

On the other hand, a customer expressed disappointment in receiving an incorrect quantity in their order, stating that they paid for a 4-pack but only received 2 packs. Despite this, they acknowledged that the actual jellies were great.

Overall, the Fruix Popping Fruit Jellies offer a unique and enjoyable experience, especially for TikTok enthusiasts and families looking for a fun treat. However, potential buyers should be mindful of the product’s minor drawbacks and ensure that they receive the correct quantity when ordering.

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