Frijoles Canarios (Peruanos) Review

Frijoles Canarios (Peruanos) Review


Frijoles Canarios (Peruanos) Review

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When it comes to authentic Peruvian beans, the Frijoles Canarios (Peruanos) Bolsa de 2 libras by Amazing Chiles and Spices is a top choice. These natural, whole beans are a must-have for any bean lover, offering versatility in various dishes such as soups, spreads, and Peruvian cuisine.

One of the standout features of these beans is the triple washing process, ensuring purity and cleanliness in every bite. The smooth, buttery texture and delicate flavor of the Mayocoba beans make them a hit with individuals of all ages, seamlessly complementing a wide range of meals.


  • 100% natural Peruvian beans
  • Triple-washed for purity
  • Smooth, buttery texture
  • Delicate and versatile flavor
  • Great for soups, spreads, and Peruvian dishes


  • Some users reported finding debris in the beans
  • Initial appearance may show mixed bean types, but uniformity is achieved after soaking

Customer feedback has been largely positive, with many praising the great flavor and fast delivery. Some users noted that the beans were better than other varieties they had tried, while others appreciated the authenticity of the Peruvian beans for traditional dishes. However, a few customers mentioned finding more debris than expected in the beans.

In conclusion, the Frijoles Canarios (Peruanos) Bolsa de 2 libras offers a premium quality, natural product that adds a delightful touch to a wide array of culinary creations. Despite minor issues with debris and initial appearance, the overall quality and flavor make these Peruvian beans a worthwhile addition to any pantry.

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