Foam Core Board 11”x15” Black Foam Board Review

Foam Core Board 11”x15” Black Foam Board Review


Foam Core Board 11”x15” Black Foam Board Review

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When it comes to mounting photographs, creating artwork, or crafting 3-D models, the 15Pack Foam Core Board is a versatile and reliable choice. This 3/16-inch thick foam board package includes 15 black foam boards, each measuring 11”x15”. The lightweight yet strong polystyrene foam sheet is easy to cut into different shapes, making it suitable for various applications such as craft projects, school presentations, framing, architectural models, displays, and exhibits.

One of the standout features of this foam core board is its multi-functionality. The 5mm thick foam core serves as an ideal background for art projects, picture mounting, sign making, signage framing, and mounting. Customers have used it for art projects to achieve a professional finish and even for photography, with some adjustments to prevent reflected glare.


  • Versatile and reliable for various applications
  • Easy to cut into different shapes
  • Multi-functional for art projects, picture mounting, and signage framing
  • Sturdy and well-packaged to prevent damage during shipping


  • Some customers received damaged boards due to inadequate packaging during shipping
  • Measurements may not be accurate, with discrepancies in size

While the foam core boards are generally well-received for their reliability and functionality, some customers have reported issues with the packaging. Amazon’s shipping in unprotected bag mailers led to several boards arriving damaged with big dents. Additionally, there were discrepancies in the measurements, with some customers finding a significant gap between the stated size and the actual dimensions.

Overall, the 15Pack Foam Core Board offers a cost-effective solution for various creative and presentation needs. Its lightweight yet strong construction, along with its multi-functionality, makes it a valuable addition to any art studio, classroom, or office. However, potential buyers should be cautious about the packaging and verify the measurements upon receipt.

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