ENHYPEN Official Lightstick Review

ENHYPEN Official Lightstick Review


ENHYPEN Official Lightstick Review

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The ENHYPEN Official Lightstick is a must-have for any ENHYPEN fan. This lightstick is not only a beautiful piece of merchandise, but it also offers a seamless connection to the ENHYPEN lightsick app, allowing fans to fully immerse themselves in the concert experience. After analyzing customer feedback, here’s a comprehensive review of the product:


  • Authenticity: Customers have confirmed that the lightstick is indeed official, complete with photo cards and a connection to the ENHYPEN lightsick app.
  • Concert Essential: Ideal for concert-goers, ensuring they have the official lightstick in hand without the worry of it being sold out at the venue.
  • Connectivity: The lightstick can be easily connected to the app, allowing users to change colors and utilize the Bluetooth feature seamlessly.


  • Connectivity Issues: Some users reported connectivity problems during the concert, with the lightstick failing to reconnect and displaying inaccurate location information.
  • Packaging: A few customers received their lightsticks in damaged packaging, which was disappointing for those who collect the original packaging.

Despite minor drawbacks, the ENHYPEN Official Lightstick remains a coveted item for fans. Its authenticity, seamless connectivity, and status as a concert essential make it a worthwhile purchase for any ENHYPEN enthusiast.

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