Double Knife – Double Throw Switch Review

Double Knife – Double Throw Switch Review


Double Knife – Double Throw Switch Review

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The Double Knife – Double Throw Switch is a compact and easy-to-operate lever switch designed for low voltage applications. It features two pre-drilled holes for convenient mounting and serves as a great teaching tool for introducing the basics of electricity.

While this switch has its advantages, such as its ease of use and suitability for temporary projects, it does have some drawbacks. The size of the switch may limit its functionality for certain applications, and some users have found it to be a bit flimsy, indicating that it may not hold up under prolonged use.


  • Easy to operate lever
  • Convenient pre-drilled mounting holes
  • Useful for teaching basic electrical concepts


  • May be limited by its size for certain applications
  • Some users found it to be flimsy and not suitable for prolonged use
  • Uncertainty about its capacity to hold 20 amps and lack of a cover

Despite its limitations, the Double Knife – Double Throw Switch can serve as a practical tool for educational purposes and temporary low voltage projects. However, for more demanding or long-term applications, users may need to consider a more robust alternative.

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