Door Scratch Protector Review

Door Scratch Protector Review


Door Scratch Protector Review

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As a pet owner, protecting your furniture and doors from scratches can be a constant battle. The KEBE Door Scratch Protector offers a solution to this problem with its durable, invisible, and easy-to-use design.

Features and Benefits

The KEBE Door Scratch Protector is made of industrial-grade thick vinyl with pressure-sensitive adhesive backing, providing a strong defense against even the most aggressive scratching. The transparent material blends seamlessly with furniture, making it unnoticeable while effectively training pets to stop scratching. It can be easily cut to size and applied to any surface, saving time on repairs.

One of the key benefits is its versatility in protecting various household items, including doors, door frames, wood, screens, and car door panels. The product’s self-adhesive nature ensures simple installation without the need for specialized tools.


  • Durable industrial-grade thick vinyl
  • Transparent and unnoticeable
  • Easy to cut and apply
  • Protects various household items
  • Simple self-adhesive installation


  • Quality inconsistency reported between different roll sizes
  • Challenges with installation due to lack of backing on the tape
  • May not adhere well to certain surfaces, such as cloth couches

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback has been mixed, with some users praising the thickness and protective capabilities of the product. However, there have been reports of quality inconsistencies between different roll sizes, with some users encountering bubbles and dirt on the larger rolls. Additionally, challenges with installation, such as the lack of backing on the tape, have been noted.

Final Verdict

The KEBE Door Scratch Protector offers a practical solution for pet owners seeking to protect their furniture and doors from scratches. While it has received praise for its durability and transparency, potential buyers should be aware of the reported quality inconsistencies and installation challenges. Overall, it presents a valuable option for safeguarding household items from pet-related damage.

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