CoolBrew Decaf Liquid Concentrate Review

CoolBrew Decaf Liquid Concentrate Review


CoolBrew Decaf Liquid Concentrate Review

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When it comes to enjoying a rich, full-bodied cup of coffee without the buzz, CoolBrew Decaf Liquid Concentrate offers a delightful solution. Made from choice Arabica beans, this decaf cold-brewed blend captures the essence of New Orleans-style coffee. The unique cold-brewing process ensures a smooth and flavorful coffee concentrate without the bitterness.


  • Smooth and consistent strength
  • Convenient and easy to prepare
  • Great for iced or hot coffee
  • Rich and full-bodied flavor
  • Perishable item, please keep refrigerated


  • Shipping cost may be high due to refrigeration requirements
  • Some users may not prefer the inclusion of chicory
  • Instructions for refrigeration could be clearer

Customers have praised the convenience and quality of CoolBrew Decaf Liquid Concentrate. Many appreciate the ability to adjust the strength of their coffee easily and consistently. The concentrate is versatile, allowing for the creation of both hot and iced coffee with a rich, gourmet flavor.

However, some users have expressed concerns about the shipping cost, especially due to the refrigeration needs of the product. Additionally, the inclusion of chicory in the ingredients may not appeal to all consumers, and some have found the refrigeration instructions to be unclear.

Overall, CoolBrew Decaf Liquid Concentrate offers a delicious and convenient way to enjoy decaf coffee. Its smooth and rich flavor, along with the ease of preparation, makes it a popular choice for coffee enthusiasts. While there are some minor drawbacks, the product’s quality and taste make it a worthwhile option for those seeking a decaf cold-brewed coffee experience.

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