Coco Interactive Guitar by Mattel Review

Coco Interactive Guitar by Mattel Review


Coco Interactive Guitar by Mattel Review

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The Coco Interactive Guitar by Mattel is a delightful toy inspired by the iconic guitar from Disney Pixar’s Coco. Modeled after the guitar in the movie, this interactive toy offers a unique musical experience for children. Let’s dive into the features, benefits, and some minor drawbacks based on existing customer feedback.


  • Modeled after the iconic guitar in Disney Pixar’s Coco
  • Hold down buttons on neck and strum “strings” to hear chords
  • Skull at head “chomps” when the first chord button is pressed
  • Lights up and has movie authentic detailing
  • Includes sheet music that teaches traditional Mexican songs and “Remember Me” from PIXAR’s Coco


Customers have highlighted several benefits of the Coco Interactive Guitar. Many appreciate the attention to detail, with one customer mentioning that the entire guitar lights up, creating an immersive experience reminiscent of the movie. The toy’s ability to produce guitar-like sounds without real strings is praised, making it safe and enjoyable for young children. Additionally, the inclusion of sheet music for traditional Mexican songs and “Remember Me” adds an educational element to the toy, allowing children to learn and play along with the music from the movie.


  • Beautiful details, exactly like the guitar in the Coco movie
  • Safe for young children with no real strings
  • Produces great sound and quality feel
  • Includes sheet music for learning traditional songs
  • Lights up for an immersive experience


While the Coco Interactive Guitar has received high praise, some customers have noted a few drawbacks. One customer mentioned that the absence of real strings may make it challenging for younger children to understand the chord combinations. Another customer expressed disappointment in the included sheet music, stating that it did not accurately replicate the song “Remember Me.” Additionally, the absence of a strap was highlighted as a drawback, making it difficult for children to hold the guitar in place while playing.

Final Verdict:

The Coco Interactive Guitar by Mattel offers a captivating musical experience for young fans of the movie Coco. Its attention to detail, safety features, and educational components make it a valuable addition to a child’s toy collection. While there are some minor drawbacks, such as the absence of real strings and the challenge of chord combinations for younger children, the overall quality and immersive experience of the toy make it a worthwhile purchase for Coco enthusiasts.

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