Cascade XRS PRO Lacrosse Helmet Review

Cascade XRS PRO Lacrosse Helmet Review


Cascade XRS PRO Lacrosse Helmet Review

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The Cascade XRS PRO Lacrosse Helmet is a top-tier choice for players seeking superior protection and comfort. This helmet is designed to provide exceptional coverage and a secure fit, making it a standout option for lacrosse enthusiasts.

Features and Benefits:


The helmet features an innovative second VisionBar, angled to 32 degrees, which significantly improves downward visibility. This enhancement allows players to focus on the game without obstruction, providing a clear view of the ball.


The Cascade XRS PRO is engineered with an anatomical fit and an ergonomically refined rear panel, ensuring comfort, security, and extended occipital coverage. This critical coverage offers players peace of mind and confidence during intense gameplay.


With a dry and light moisture-wicking fabric system, the helmet’s liner effectively manages sweat, keeping players comfortable and focused even during heated matches. This feature enhances overall performance and endurance.


  • Superior protection and coverage
  • Enhanced visibility with the second VisionBar
  • Anatomical fit for comfort and security
  • Effective sweat management


  • Relatively higher price point
  • May feel slightly heavier than other helmets

The Cascade XRS PRO Lacrosse Helmet has received high praise from users, with one customer noting that their son noticed a significant difference in protection compared to a less expensive helmet. The ample padding and superior protection make it a worthwhile investment for serious players.

Overall, the Cascade XRS PRO Lacrosse Helmet stands out for its exceptional design, providing players with the confidence to focus on the game without compromising on safety and comfort.

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