Brisk Lemonade Juice Drink Review

Brisk Lemonade Juice Drink Review


Brisk Lemonade Juice Drink Review

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Brisk Lemonade Juice Drink is a refreshing beverage that comes in a pack of 6 bottles, each containing 33.8 fluid ounces. The product is shipped by West Aphrodite and has received mixed reviews from customers.


  • The taste of the brisk lemonade is highly praised by many customers, with comments like ‘Tastes so good’ and ‘I will order it again!!’ indicating its popularity.
  • The convenient packaging in the form of individual bottles makes it easy to carry and consume on the go.
  • With a volume of 33.8 fluid ounces per bottle, the product offers good value for money.


  • Some customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the pricing, stating that the product is overpriced when compared to the cost at local stores.
  • One customer mentioned that the seller’s price of $4.30 per bottle seemed excessive, considering that it costs $1.25 per bottle at the store.

In conclusion, Brisk Lemonade Juice Drink is a popular choice for those who enjoy a refreshing lemonade flavor. The convenience of the packaging and the generous volume per bottle make it an attractive option. However, potential buyers should be mindful of the pricing and consider local alternatives for a more cost-effective purchase.

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