Brer Rabbit Unsulphured Molasses Review

Brer Rabbit Unsulphured Molasses Review


Brer Rabbit Unsulphured Molasses Review

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Brer Rabbit Unsulphured Molasses is a versatile and flavorful addition to any kitchen. This molasses is full of rich, robust flavor and is a great ingredient for a variety of recipes. Here’s a detailed review of the product:


  • Kosher & Gluten Free
  • Certified Non-GMO
  • Full Flavor Molasses is more concentrated and has a darker color
  • Comes in a 12-ounce bottle
  • Use in cookies, pies, cakes, and glazes


Brer Rabbit Unsulphured Molasses has received positive feedback from customers who have found it to be a high-quality product. Many users have praised its rich flavor and versatility in baking and cooking. The molasses is a great way to add depth and complexity to a wide range of dishes, from gingerbread cookies to savory glazes. Additionally, the molasses is kosher, gluten-free, and non-GMO, making it suitable for various dietary preferences.


  • Rich, full flavor
  • Versatile ingredient for baking and cooking
  • Kosher, gluten-free, and non-GMO
  • Convenient 12-ounce bottle


Some users have mentioned that the packaging could be improved to prevent breakage during shipping. Additionally, a few customers have noted that the wider mouth of the bottle, while easier for pouring, may lead to potential spills if not handled carefully.

Customer Feedback:

Customers have shared their positive experiences with Brer Rabbit Unsulphured Molasses, highlighting its great taste and the convenience it offers in their cooking. Many have used it to make homemade brown sugar, molasses candy, and even as a topping for cornbread. However, a few users have expressed concerns about the packaging and the wider mouth of the bottle.

Final Verdict:

Brer Rabbit Unsulphured Molasses is a top-quality product that delivers rich, full flavor and versatility. It’s a great addition to any pantry, offering a convenient way to enhance the taste of various dishes. While there are some minor packaging considerations, the overall quality and taste of the molasses make it a worthwhile purchase for anyone looking to elevate their baking and cooking.

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