Bread and Jam for Frances (I Can Read Level 2) Review

Bread and Jam for Frances (I Can Read Level 2) Review


Bread and Jam for Frances (I Can Read Level 2) Review

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“Bread and Jam for Frances” is a delightful and humorous I Can Read story that resonates with both children and parents. Frances, a lovable but fussy eater, has a particular fondness for bread and jam, much to the chagrin of her parents. The book follows Frances as she insists on her favorite meal, rejecting other food items, until her parents devise a clever plan to encourage her to try new things.

The book’s endearing narrative and charming illustrations by Garth Williams make it a hit among young readers. The engaging story not only entertains but also imparts valuable life lessons about the importance of trying new foods and the consequences of being too picky. The book’s language and length are well-suited for children who are beginning to read independently, making it an excellent choice for early readers.


  • Engaging and relatable storyline
  • Beautiful and expressive illustrations
  • Encourages children to try new foods
  • Well-suited for early readers


  • Different editions may vary in complexity and length
  • Paperback format may not be as durable for repeated use

Many parents and caregivers have praised the book for its ability to captivate young readers and convey important messages about food choices. The relatable nature of Frances’s character and the clever parenting tactics depicted in the story have resonated with families, making it a valuable addition to children’s bookshelves.

Overall, “Bread and Jam for Frances” is a heartwarming and entertaining book that strikes a balance between fun storytelling and meaningful life lessons, making it a must-have for young readers.

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