Black Forest Fruit Snacks Juicy Bursts Review

Black Forest Fruit Snacks Juicy Bursts Review


Black Forest Fruit Snacks Juicy Bursts Review

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Black Forest Fruit Snacks Juicy Bursts are a delightful burst of mixed fruit flavor that adds a touch of sweetness to your day. These fruit snacks come in a pack of 80, each weighing 0.8 ounces, making them a convenient and tasty treat for kids and adults alike.

One of the standout features of these fruit snacks is the liquid center, which provides a unique and enjoyable experience with every bite. The addition of vitamin C also adds a healthful element to these treats, making them a great addition to a lunchbox or a quick snack on the go.

These Black Forest fruit snacks are gluten-free and fat-free, making them a guilt-free indulgence. The authentic juicy flavor and soft, gummy texture make them a hit with both kids and adults. Whether you’re looking to satisfy a sweet craving or add some flavor to your day, these fruit snacks are a perfect choice.


  • Delicious mixed fruit flavor
  • Liquid center for an extra burst of flavor
  • Convenient individual 0.8-ounce packs
  • Gluten-free and fat-free
  • Contains vitamin C


  • Some customers reported receiving stale or dried-out products
  • Quality may vary when purchasing online

Overall, Black Forest Fruit Snacks Juicy Bursts are a tasty and enjoyable snack option that offers a burst of real fruit flavor. While there have been some reports of inconsistent quality, the majority of customers have found these fruit snacks to be a delightful treat. Whether you’re a fan of gummy candies or simply enjoy a sweet and juicy snack, these Juicy Bursts are worth a try.

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