Beardream (Avenues) Review

Beardream (Avenues) Review


Beardream (Avenues) Review

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Beardream (Avenues) is a captivating children’s book that beautifully weaves together a Native American tradition with a heartwarming story. Written by Will Hobbs and illustrated by Jill Kastner, this book has received high praise from readers for its engaging plot, stunning artwork, and valuable life lessons.

Features and Benefits:

The book tells the story of a boy named Short Tail, who embarks on a journey to awaken the Great Bear from its winter slumber. Along the way, Short Tail slips into a magical dream where the Great Bear imparts a wonderful secret to share with his people. The lyrical text by Will Hobbs and the rich, evocative oil paintings by Jill Kastner bring this Native American tradition to vivid life, making it an enchanting and educational read for children.


  • Engaging plot that captures children’s imagination
  • Gorgeous artwork that enhances the storytelling experience
  • Teaches valuable lessons about nature and Native American traditions
  • Beautifully written and illustrated, making it enjoyable for both children and adults


Some readers found the story slightly mysterious and, at times, slightly scary, which may not be suitable for very young or sensitive readers.

Customer Reviews:

Customers have expressed their love for Beardream (Avenues), with many highlighting its beautiful artwork, engaging plot, and the valuable lessons it imparts. One customer mentioned that the book has been a favorite for many years due to its captivating plot and stunning artwork. Another customer praised the book for its depiction of the Ute Tribe’s bear dance and the enjoyable storytelling experience it offers.

Final Verdict:

Beardream (Avenues) is a delightful children’s book that seamlessly blends storytelling with Native American tradition. With its engaging plot, beautiful illustrations, and valuable life lessons, it is a valuable addition to any child’s bookshelf. While the slightly mysterious and slightly scary elements may not be suitable for all young readers, the overall impact of the book is undeniably positive.

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