Automatic Earth Fragile Air Review



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Automatic Earth Fragile Air is a captivating and thought-provoking album that seamlessly blends electronic and ambient sounds to create a mesmerizing sonic experience. The album, composed by renowned artist Automatic Earth, offers a unique journey through ethereal soundscapes and intricate musical layers.


  • 1. Ethereal Soundscapes: The album features ethereal and immersive soundscapes that transport the listener to otherworldly realms.
  • 2. Intricate Musical Layers: Automatic Earth skillfully weaves intricate musical layers, creating a rich and multi-dimensional listening experience.
  • 3. Seamless Blend of Genres: Fragile Air seamlessly blends electronic, ambient, and experimental genres, appealing to a wide range of music enthusiasts.
  • 4. Emotional Depth: The music evokes a profound emotional depth, resonating with the listener on a visceral level.


One of the standout benefits of Fragile Air is its ability to serve as a sonic escape, offering a tranquil and introspective journey for the listener. The album’s seamless fusion of genres makes it a versatile choice for various moods and settings, whether it’s for relaxation, creative inspiration, or deep contemplation. Automatic Earth’s masterful composition ensures that each track is a captivating exploration of sound, inviting the listener to immerse themselves fully in the music.


While the album is a remarkable piece of art, some listeners may find certain tracks to be too abstract or experimental for their taste. Additionally, individuals who prefer more structured and traditional musical arrangements may find Fragile Air to be unconventional.

In conclusion, Automatic Earth Fragile Air is a mesmerizing musical odyssey that captivates with its ethereal soundscapes, intricate layers, and emotional depth. It’s a must-listen for anyone seeking a transcendent and immersive sonic experience.

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