Amari and the Night Brothers Review

Amari and the Night Brothers Review


Amari and the Night Brothers Review

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Amari and the Night Brothers Review

Amari and the Night Brothers is an exhilarating debut middle-grade fantasy that seamlessly blends real-life issues with a magical world. The story follows Amari Peters, a determined young girl who discovers a mysterious ticking briefcase in her missing brother’s closet, leading her to a summer tryout at the Bureau of Supernatural Affairs. As she competes for a spot against kids who’ve known about magic their whole lives, Amari must navigate intense doubt, scrutiny, and an illegal ability while uncovering the truth about her brother’s disappearance.


  • Engaging and well-developed magical world
  • Strong, relatable protagonist
  • Real-life issues tackled in an approachable way
  • Fast-paced and rewarding plot
  • Easy-to-follow magic system


  • Occasional missing words in the text
  • Some may find the magic system too wacky

Customer reviews praise the book for its captivating plot, strong messages on privilege and perseverance, and the relatable, fierce protagonist, Amari. The story’s blend of magic, humor, suspense, and real-life issues makes it an excellent choice for growing young minds. While some readers found the magic system a bit too wacky, many appreciated the unpredictable plot and well-balanced pacing.

Overall, Amari and the Night Brothers is a fantastic read that offers a mix of fantasy and real-life lessons, making it a highly recommended book for middle-grade readers and fantasy enthusiasts of all ages.

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