ACETAC S.O.P. Tactical Chest Rig Review

ACETAC S.O.P. Tactical Chest Rig Review


ACETAC S.O.P. Tactical Chest Rig Review

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The ACETAC S.O.P. Tactical Chest Rig is a versatile and well-designed gear that has garnered positive feedback from users. This chest rig is designed to be efficient, lightweight, and modular, offering a range of features that make it a standout option for outdoor enthusiasts and tactical applications.

Features and Benefits:

The chest rig is equipped with a triple 5.56mm magazine pouch or two 7.62mm AK magazines, along with two pistol mag holders, all made with elastic for quick and easy access while maintaining excellent retention. The expandable wing pouches and dangler pouch provide additional storage for equipment, offering endless configurations to suit individual needs. The integration to carriers, large storage capabilities, and laser-cut Molle panel further enhance its functionality.

The heavy-duty nylon construction, double stitching, and dual zipper on all pockets ensure durability and quick access. The rig also includes two zipper pockets with elastic bands for organization, allowing for easy fitting of additional pistol mags and gadgets.


  • High-quality construction and materials
  • Endless configurations and additional storage options
  • Efficient and lightweight design
  • Excellent retention and quick access to magazines
  • Durable and well-organized


  • Straps buckle over items in wing pouches
  • Thin “H” harness and non-adjustable height
  • Some issues with zipper catching

Users have praised the rig for its remarkable quality, with particular emphasis on the fabric, stitching, zippers, and zipper pulls. The gear is noted for being vastly superior to airsoft-quality products, offering smooth and durable zippers even after extended use. The inclusion of licensed Multicam fabric and the overall high quality of the rig have been highlighted as major advantages.

Some minor drawbacks mentioned by users include the straps buckling over items in the wing pouches, the thin “H” harness, and occasional issues with the zipper catching. However, these issues are outweighed by the rig’s overall quality and functionality.

Overall, the ACETAC S.O.P. Tactical Chest Rig has received positive feedback for its compact, well-fitting design, and ample space for essentials. It has been recommended for both outdoor and tactical use, with users appreciating the comfortable and appealing adjustable straps. The rig’s ability to hold magazines securely and provide additional storage options has been highlighted as a significant benefit.

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