Zoom Unveils AI-Powered Customer Service

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Zoom Introduces AI for Customer Service Support

Zoom has introduced a Virtual Agent AI constructed to take part in customer service responsibilities. This AI enables the company to solve simple problems and dedicate human resources to more complex issues.

The AI typically trains its language by conversing with users in a manner which makes them think they’re talking to a real person. As AI’s become more common for customer service, it remains to be seen how this new iteration fares across the entire Zoom ecosystem.

Companies strive towards automating customer service with chatbots with the aim of more efficiently resolving customer enquiries. While automated service is favourable to companies, customers frequently desire personalised attention from a fellow human.

Zoom’s new AI has the potential to serve both objectives, critically increasing the speed of customer service and offering responsive conversations with humans. All companies, including Zoom, must now work towards perfecting the integration of AI bots in order to provide customers with an optimal service.

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