Youtuber explains Elden Ring story in 35 hours


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Many Elden Ring players may have wondered about the character Radagon. From Software has a unique way of telling stories, with hidden details and environmental elements that gradually reveal the motivations of the characters. Understanding the lore of Elden Ring can be challenging, but YouTuber SmoughTown has taken on the task of explaining it in great detail through a trilogy of videos. Each video is lengthy, totaling over 35 hours of Elden Ring history on YouTube.

SmoughTown explores the Middle Lands in depth, offering interpretations and hypotheses based on a solid foundation. His videos provide a historical framework that helps players understand the cosmic part of the game’s history and the origin of the bosses encountered. Knowing the origin and tremendous power of characters like Radagon can make victory in the game even more satisfying.

For those interested in learning more about Elden Ring lore, “The Secrets of the Middle Lands” by Adrián Suárez is another recommendation. This book delves into the history of Necrolimbo, Liurnia, Stormveil Castle, and all of the Middle Lands in an easy-to-consume narrative style filled with secrets.

In addition, for fans of The Legend of Zelda, “The Secrets of Hyrule” by Adrián Suárez is a must-read. The book offers compelling insights into the beloved game series.

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