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‘Your face sounds familiar to me’ announces today’s guests for Gala 9

One more Friday Your face is familiar to me returns to Antena 3 with a new installment. After Josie’s victory in the eighth gala of the program, tonight the nine contestants will once again get into the shoes of different artists, to surprise the members of the jury with their performances.

He The level of difficulty to which the contestants are submitted in the Antena 3 talent show is higher every week. All of them pursue the same goal: to win first place in the ranking, in this way each week they surpass themselves with their performances.

In the new installment of Your face is familiar to meviewers will enjoy great performances from the contestants, and also one more gala, the set will be filled again with star guestswho will come to perform with some of the contestants.

David Fernandez and Juanra Bonet

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The comedian and the presenter will go to the set of Your face is familiar to me to sing along with Augustine Jimenezafter the button decided that this week he would get into the skin of Jose Luis Perales. In this way, the three friends will interpret the emotional song let the children sing.

David Civera

The artist will once again step on the set of Your face is familiar to me, to sing along with Alfred García. Thus, the catalan artist will get into the shoes of the star of the 2000s in Spain, to sing together Bye Bye, one of the great successes of his career.

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The musical group will be the special guests of the night. After the return of A step forward with the seriese UPA Next a ATRESplayer Premium, the members of the band will get into the shoes of UPA Dance to interpret sámbameone of the group’s most iconic songs.

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