You may not have even noticed, but Michael B. Jordan’s outfit in Creed III includes a nod to anime.

You may not have even noticed, but Michael B. Jordan’s outfit in Creed III includes a nod to anime.

Creed III References Akira in Michael B. Jordan’s Boxing Shorts

Creed III, the latest installment in the Creed and Rocky universe, has been a box office success, but some fans may have missed a clever reference in Michael B. Jordan’s boxing attire. As GamesRadar reports, the red shorts worn by Jordan’s character in the film feature design elements inspired by the iconic anime movie Akira.

The nod to Akira was intentional, according to Raphael Phillips, the film’s designer, who tweeted about incorporating the reference at the request of Jordan and the film’s director. “Michael loves anime so much, what if we pitch him some Akira-inspired shorts?” Phillips wrote, adding that they took inspiration from the design of Kaneda’s classic suit, which Jordan loved.

Akira, which premiered in 1988, is considered one of the most important anime works in history. Its influence can be seen across various media, from movies to video games to fashion. The inclusion of a subtle reference in Creed III highlights the cultural impact of the landmark film.

Prior to the film’s release, Jordan explained why Sylvester Stallone, a mainstay in the Rocky franchise, wasn’t part of the cast. Creed III focuses on the emotional aftermath of Adonis Creed’s victory, without relying on the familiar Rocky Balboa character. Fans and critics have praised the film for its fresh take on the story and its celebration of Jordan’s talent. The Akira reference is just another example of the creative team’s dedication to detail and their appreciation for genre cinema.

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